FLOORAL 1 is a high-load capacity raised access floor. A loading capacity of 750kg/m2 is achieved if a foot is installed every meter. Higher loadings can be achieved by installing additional feet.

The floor beams slide into an adjustable feet in order to create a grid. The assembly of the aluminum grid is fast and easy, as it is a tool-free process. Floor panels can then be positioned within the floor system framework. All grid sizes of the raised floor match those set by the standard axis to axis system measurements. The standard system grid is 1000X1000mm , however beam dimensions can be customized if needed.

The originality of FLOORAL 1 consists in providing a separate tile-support profile which is detachable to the floor beam allowing thus the use of various tile thicknesses within the same floor grid. Therefore, the 30mm thick triple glazed glass panel or the less expensive alternative of 18mm laminated tile, can be positioned in the floor system grid just by using the appropriate tile support profile, according to the design needs.

Floor leveling is easily achieved even on uneven floor surfaces. Space provided beneath for cabling, plumbing facilities and in-floor lighting can be adjusted to any height between 12,5-18,5cm. Ramps & skirting profiles guarantee a high- end finishing result.

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