FLOORAL 2 provides a loading capacity of 500kg/m2 if a foot is installed every meter. Higher loadings are achievable by installing additional feet. Floor leveling is achieved with the use of the appropriate tools to any height between 140 -190cm. Skirting & ramps are provided to assure a fine end result.

The floor beams slide into an adjustable feet in order to create a grid. The assembly of the aluminum grid is fast and easy as it is a tool-free process. The system supports 25mm floor panels.

All grid sizes of the raised floor match those set by the axis to axis system measurements.

The originality of FLOORAL 2, consists in providing two parallel axis system measurements for the floor tiles. This unique characteristic allows the combination of different sized floor tiles within the same system framework. The floor tile positioning can be either seamless or with a fine aluminum joint with the use of the appropriate profile. Therefore, the FLOORAL 2 system is ideal for special floor configurations and sophisticated design applications.

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